Oil Pump Rebuilding

Oil Pump Rebuilding

The oil pump is like the heart of your engine and the pump must have proper pressure and volume to properly lubricate and cool your engine. There are many reasons for a decrease in pump performance. No matter the cause, Egge experts are here to help. We have the experience, machinery and tools to get your juices flowing again.

When an oil pump is received for rebuild, it is given a pre-inspection, taking note of its current condition and then cataloged. The pump is then disassembled and placed in a hot tank. The hot tank cleans the surface and all interior passages of all oil and debris that has built up over the lifetime of the pump. When this process is complete it is then baked in an oven to remove any remaining residue and then inspected once again.

Here are just a few potential issues we are looking for:

  • Cracked housing
  • Broken shaft
  • Clogged intake
  • Stuck pressure valve
  • Worn gears or Rotors
  • Worn housing

Once the pump inspection is complete, we will replace all worn or damaged parts. The pump is reassembled with precision fit parts and all clearances are checked. After the pump is completely assembled it is then tested for pressure, flow volume and proper pressure regulation at engine speed and temperature.

All pumps are tested to meet or exceed the original manufacturer's specs and are guaranteed against defective materials or workmanship to work properly every time.

The pump is then tagged with the part number and test results before being packaged and sent to you.

Contact us at 800-866-3443 or info@egge.com to send in your oil pump for remanufacturing.