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Bob Egge, is the third generation of Egge engine experts. His commitment is to provide machine shops, engine builders and classic car hobbyists with quality replacement parts. This continues a 100-year family tradition of excellence, fulfilling a legacy begun by his grandfather a long time ago - to remain the world's source for obsolete engine parts.

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Egge Bob

Here's one for you. I have a 53 F-100 with a flatty still beatin' under it's hood. This is my daily driver irregardless of conditions. She sounds / appears to have had a keeper come off of a valve or something of that nature {when I got her, she had a bent valve and a messed up guide in the number 3 cylinder, same one as now, and had a load of badly bent or completely off valve guide retainers}. Anyhow, I am getting ready to tear her back down and have stumbled across a company called Best Gasket, to which I am told you sell. I want to know how the quality is, and if I was to purchase these gaskets from Egge , which do I need. The one with the copper head gasket, or the more conventional graphite one? As I said this ol' girl is used daily and is still a TRUCK! and used as such so I'm not wanting to skimp on quality here but have for years using fp gaskets, and the 8ba doesn't seem to care much for their head gaskets.

Best Gasket, as far as I am concerned, makes much better gaskets than Fel-Pro or any other gasket manufacturer. Especially when you talk about timing cover seal and rear main seal material. You can go to their web site from the links page on our site and read a lot about their gaskets. If you have had problems with head gaskets sealing previously, I would suggest using the graphite head gaskets. They have a tendency to seal a little better. The gasket set for your engine would be part number RS521G.