Lifter Resurfacing


When new lifters are not available, Egge can resurface your original flat lifters. We will grind the face of your lifters on our specially designed lifter resurfacing machine. We will recreate the convex surface required for your lifters to spin with the camshaft for reduced wear. We will also resurface or replace any adjustment screws on your lifters.

Whenever rebuilding your engine or replacing your camshaft and lifters, Egge recommends following proper engine break in procedures and using an oil designed with enough zinc for flat lifters and cams such as Torco TBO Premium Break-in Oil and using a zinc additive like Torco ZEP with your normal motor oil.

It is highly recommended whenever you rebuild your engine that you replace or regrind your camshaft. Whenever you replace or regrind your camshaft you should also replace your lifters, because using improperly surfaced or used lifters can cause premature wear of your new or reground camshaft. Contact an Egge representative for availability of new lifters for your application.

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