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To provide the world of gasoline engines with quality internal engine components. While continuing to manufacture pistons and valves in America, our goal is to preserve the history of pre-1980 domestic engines.

Egge History

Founded in 1915 Egge Machine Company is a world-class piston manufacturer that specializes in domestic vehicle applications from the early 1900s to 1980. Egge operates a state-of-the-art foundry and world-class machine shop in its Santa Fe Springs, CA facility.

Founded by Edward N. Egge (known as E.N. by his friends) in Plainview, Texas in 1915 selling, servicing and repairing Mason racing cars. The small...MORE

Egge Machine Work 1921 Plainview

Did You Know?...

Each Box of Egge Pistons are balanced?

In an effort to make your classic car run it's best we weigh each run of pistons and match up the closest set for each box that goes out. We strive to match each set within 8 grams of each other, but in most cases they measure under 5 grams difference from the lightest piston to the heaviest.  We take this step in our quality assurance department to deliver the best product for your classic car.


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