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Cam Bearing Set

F-18 $302.89


0.55 lbs
Warning Cancer and Reproductive
Harm - www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Engine Rebuild Kits

Application Kit #
Ford 221 V8 1962-63 OHV F221M62-63
Ford 260 V8 1962-63 F260M62-63
Ford 260 V8 1964-65 OHV F260M64-65
Ford 289 V8 1963-64(Early) w/2Brl Carburetor F289M63-64E-W2BRL
Ford 289 V8 1963-64(Early) w/4Brl Carburetor F289M63-64E-W4BRL
Ford 289 V8 1963-64(Early) (with mechanical lifters) F289M63-64EWMECH
Ford 289 V8 1964(Late)-67 (with mechanical lifters) F289M64L-67WMECH
Ford 289 V8 1965(Early) w/2Brl Carburetor F289M65EARLYW2BRL
Ford 289 V8 1965(Early) w/4Brl Carburetor F289M65EARLYW4BRL
Ford 289 V8 1965(Late)-66 w/2Brl Carburetor F289M65L-66W2BRL
Ford 289 V8 1965(Late)-66 w/4Brl Carburetor F289M65L-66W4BRL
Ford 289 V8 1967-68 w/2Brl Carburetor F289M67-68W-2BRL
Ford 289 V8 1967-68 w/4Brl Carburetor F289M67-68W-4BRL
Ford 302 V8 1968-69(Early) F302M68-69EARLY
Ford 302 V8 1969(Late)-72 F302M69L-72
Ford 302 V8 1973-77 F302M73-77
Ford 351W V8 1970-72(Early) F351WM70-72E
Ford 351W 1972(Late) F351WM72L-74
Ford 351W V8 1975-76 F351WM75-76

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