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Industrial Pistons

Egge industrial pistons are produced from original molds using a high silicon (A332) aluminum alloy. Egge has a wide range of piston molds allowing us to manufacture pistons to fit many industrial, gas engine applications.

Some vintage industrial pistons can be extremely hard to find. In those cases, Egge can work from a sample piston or detailed specs to provide a quote. 

Contact an Egge Engine Parts Expert for details, info@egge.com or 800-866-3443.

 Here is a list of our commonly stocked industrial pistons:

Part# Cylinders Make Bore Engine
L614 4/6 CONTINENTAL 3.1875 24B, F140, F209, F4140, F6290, LF140, PF140, PF209
L2090 4 CONTINENTAL 3.1875 Y112, Y4112
L984 4 FORD TRACTOR 3.4375 134, B8PE, E, E134, JE
L2098 4 FORD TRACTOR 3.9000 172, B8PD, D, D172
L2461 4 FORD TRACTOR 4.1300 192
L679 2/4 HERCULES 3.2500 IXB, IXB3, IXB5, IXBC, NXB
L887 6 HERCULES 3.4375 QXD, QXD3, QXD5, 5MC
LM887 6 HERCULES 3.4375 QXD, QXD3, QXD5, 5MC (Marine Engine)
E924 6 HERCULES 3.4375 QXLD, CM
EM924 6 HERCULES 3.4375 QXLD, CM (Marine Engine)
L852 6 INTERNATIONAL 3.3125 HD213, GRD214
E1060 2 JOHN DEERE 3.5625
L1169 4 JOHN DEERE 3.6250 2010; 45,55,65,95, 145, 217
L1180 4 WISCONSIN 3.2500 TF, TFD, TH, THD, VF4, VF4D, VH4, VH4D
L1259 4 WISCONSIN 3.7500 177, V465D
L2005 4 WISCONSIN 3.5000 AP4, AP4I, AP4M, VG4D, VM4,VM4D, VP4, VP4D

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