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Egge Engine Kits

Engine Kits

Egge parts experts use ‘era specific’ engine catalogs to identify the correct part numbers and specifications to create a comprehensive list of components to be included in an Egge engine rebuild kit.  

As you look at the components in an Egge engine rebuild kit, keep in mind that you have complete flexibility in selecting (only) the components you need - you are not required to purchase the complete rebuild kit as listed.

Select the ‘Add Kit to Cart’ button: Once you have added the kit to the shopping cart, simply click remove on the line with the parts you do not need.  Then click on the "update totals" button, and either check out or continue shopping. 

To search for a particular kit or browse the other engine kits Egge offers, click on the link below.  To narrow your engine kit search select one or more of the items in the pull-down menus for: make, year, engine--then select filter.

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